Open Projects

Job Name

Job Number

Percent Complete

C3048 0
50109002 0
41013020 0
40917008 0
Methodist HQ Programming Cameras and NVR C4261 100
Agility FS 50 ton RTU Replacement C4230 0
Agility Replace Comp 1 RTU 3 C4217 40
Agility Spring Service Office Units 1-8 C4334 0
Agility Spring Service RTU 2-9 C4335 0
All Access Tech Auburn, NE DMP System QU-377 30
Blue Cross Blue Shield Lincoln C4373 0
Cash-Wa Replace XR550 April 2019 QU-428 100
Celerion Smoke Lab Upgrade C4348 0
Central Park Plz Bldg Mgmt System EcoStruxure V2.0 C4299 0
City of Lincoln Theresa St Water Replace MUA C4247 0
Clarkson Coll Wireless Panic Btn Resi Coord. Ofc QU-439 0
Clarkson College 3rd Floor CR and Door Contact QU-431 30
CNH 4 MAU Energy Gas Meters C4330 0
CNH Condenser Emergency Relocation JAN 2019 C4307 0
CNH Industrial Miller Bldg East WH CR Doors C4161 100
CNH Miller Dock Radiant Tube Heaters Upgrd DEC 18 C4302 0
CNH Miller Restroom Remodel EF APR 2019 QU-437 0
CNH Spot Welder Chiller FEB 2019 C4317 0
CNH Steel Truck Dock Radiant Heat Replacement C4329 0
CNH- Add DVRs- Jan 2019_Main and Miller Bldg C4324 30
Columbkille - Add Keypad - March 2019 QU-430 30
Columbus Hosp Programming for Hugs Server Update QU-405 30
Costco Boiler Wiring- Hatchery C4364 0
Costco Boiler Wiring- Process Plant C4372 0
Costco- Washer Controls C4361 0
Creighton University-Kenefick Meter C4254 0
CU - Cardiac Remodel C4321 0
CU - Pittman Remodel C4323 0
CU - St. John Church Meter Changes QU-261 90
CU- Bridge Power Meter C4356 0
CU- Davis Upgrade C4357 0
CU- Library LL AHU Hum Control C4376 0
CU- Library Upgrade C4351 0
CU- McGloin Upgrade C4362 0
CU-Lied AHU-1 Controls C4140 90
CU-Womens Practice Facility C4128 97
Diller-Odell High School Addition C4216 9
Dodge County Add CR to Emergency Management Office QU-411 100
Down Time C0003 0
Eppley Air Field Replace Two 4 inch Mixing Valves C4169 15
Eppley Airfield Parking Garage Expansion C3608 85
Fort Worth Zoo Elephant Springs C4181 0
Fort Worth Zoo- Savanna Changes C4325 100
Fremont Beef DMP Keypad Panel QU-438 0
Fremont YMCA Controls Upgrade AHU-9 & Exhaust Fan C4343 0
GIPS Career Pathways Institute C4354 0
GIPS Jefferson Elementary FEB 2018 C3971 98
Glacial Till Tasting Room C4121 88
Great Plains Communications Mail Room CR QU-421 100
Greater Omaha Packing Interoom C4365 30
Gretna Elementary Renovation C4289 8
Gretna Public Schools-New Elementary School #6 C4235 0
Gross Catholic S2 Upgrade QU-432 30
GSK AHU 29 Replacement C4353 0
GSK AHU 3A Control Valve Conversion OCT 2018 QU-417 0
GSK Andover BMS Network DEC 2018 C4236 0
GSK Central Util Plant BACnet IP Connectivity C3896 77
GSK Central Utilities Chiller 4 Rplcmnt Feb 2019 C4292 100
GSK Chiller Room BMS Programming C4258 100
GSK Cooling Tower Condenser Water Pump VFDs C4337 91
GSK Polident Remodel Feb 2019 C4312 0
Holiday C0006 0
Holland Automation and Mechanical Training C4225 0
Innovation Studio Renovation Classroom Addition QU-416 0
IWCC Receiving and Grounds Phase 1 C4310 0
IWCC-EcoStruxure 1.94 C4198 0
IWCC-Wellness Building C3769 70
Lawrence Memorial add Hugs Exciter to Elevator C4226 30
Li-Cor Add 26 Readers and Doors to card access sys C4172 100
Li-Cor Add 4 Card Readers to Building 5 C4316 100
Li-Cor CR Inside Lobby Dbl Door & Lockdown Buttons C4295 50
Lied Lodge - AHU 1 CW Upgrades C4377 0
Lied Lodge - FCU Replacement C4350 0
Lifegate Church W Dodge Phase 2 Security C4165 20
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls C4366 0
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls VAV 3-2 C4367 0
Lincoln Ortho Center Upgrade Controls VAV 3-3 C4368 0
LPS-High School Auxilary Cooling Project C4276 30
LPS-Lincoln Childrens Zoo Expansion Project C3938 90
Marian High School Renovation C4064 60
MCC SOC Mahoney Bldg Chiller Replacement C4277 0
MEI Office Expansion C4285 0
Merck Bldg 3 small capital C4342 0
MERCK Honeywell Recorder Red Lion Interface C4341 0
Merck-Poultry Building 40 C4156 35
Methodist CCTV Camera Recording Replacement C4016 100
Methodist Corp Fiber Converters Parking Cameras C4293 100
Methodist Health Camera Adds C4130 100
Methodist Hosp CR for inside the Morgue and Cafete C4238 0
Methodist Women Hospital Add 21 CR C4188 100
Methodist Womens Hospital Data Center CR C4273 100
Metro Community collage Culinary Arts X1230a
Myrtue Med Center- Pharmacy Relocation C4346 0
NE Masonic Home Card Reader Access & Cameras FinV2 C4336 0
Neb State Capitol HVAC Replacement Phase A B & 1 C4116 42
Neb State Hist Ford Center EcoStruxureware Upgrade C4211 0
Nebraska State Capitol HVAC VRF Switches QU-435 0
NICO OWH- 15th FLR C4328 5
NMC Basement UT/ DOC Cath Lab CRS C4332 30
NMC CT 7th Flr Heart Upgrade Sitter Viewing PC QU-440 0
NMC Troubleshoot Exhaust Fan Problems 40707004 100
No Job Number C0002 0
OAA - PARCS Infrastructure C4320 0
OCC Chiller BACnet Interface C4359 80
Offutt EMS Access Control C4347 30
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions HVAC C4288 0
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions LSC C4287 0
OHDZ- Jungle AHU 3 C4363 0
OHDZ-Adventure Trails Temp Monitoring C4191 0
Omaha World Herald North Parking Lot Cameras C4105 30
Ortho Nebraska Lactation Room Card Reader C4303 100
Osceola Public Schools RTU Repairs C4349 0
OTC 108th Inside Vestibule Camera QU-436 0
OTC La Vista Replace Outdoor PTZ C4344 30
OTC New Outdoor Camera 108th Near Break Area QU-422 100
OTC New Outdoor Camera Install Ralston Patio QU-414 100
OTC- Ralston VAV Box Upgrade C4326 75
OTC-LaVista ExoStruxure Upgrade C4250 100
Pilot Flying J Wood River Replace Conds Coil C4374 0
Pius X-Addition C4025 85
PLCS - Hickory Hills AHU-2 C4322 0
Ralston Arena Replace 3 Cameras QU-427 30
SAC Museum C4251 0
Sales C0005 0
Sanford Fargo Add Hugs/ Peds Coverage 8th floor C4371 0
Saunders County Old Courthouse Bldg S2 Card Access C4233 100
Schering Plough Bld 16 AHU X3761 0
Schering Plough Bld 22 AHU X3760 0
Schneider Electric-Dust Collector Automation Ph1 C4190 100
Schneider-Chilled Water Phase 3 C4132 40
SeaWorld 2019 Attraction C4182 83
Shadow Lake Collison Upgrade & Add to Alarm System C4327 65
Sick C0001 0
Sprint- Des Moines HVAC Upgrade C4375 0
St Columbkille Church C4110 100
St Gregory the Great Access Control Jan 2019 C4291 50
St Louis Aquarium at Union Station C4192 0
St Vincent de Paul - Parish Addition C3980 90
St Wenceslaus New Church C4014 0
The Arboretum Renovation C4214 0
The Landing at Williamsburg C4215 14
Training C0004 0
UNMC 3251 Panic Button QU-420 100
UNMC DOC 3rd Floor 4 CRS C4345 30
UNMC DOC 3rd Floor Dentistry CRs and Duress Alarm C4263 70
UNMC DOC/UT 1st Floor Cath Lab 25 CRs C4355 30
UNMC Eppley Science Card Readers C4360 100
UNMC LTC Level 2 CRs Feb. 2019 C4282 100
UNMC Public Health Card Reader QU-433 30
UNMC Unit !! Stairwell Renovation CRs & Door Cont C4370 0
UNO Residence Hall Remodel C4318 10
UNO-Biomechanics C4097 45
UPRR KDC Front Office Restack C4331 0
Vacation C0000 0
VAMC SPS Scope Processing Area C4339 0
VAMC-Ambulatory Care Center C4090 2
VAMC-EcoStruxure Upgrade C4133 0
Verizon GI AHU DX Coil & Conds Unit Replt C4369 0
Zeotis- Incubator RTD & O2 & CO2 Sensors C4338 74
Zoetis - Freezer Bldg 1 B2105 QU-410 0
Zoetis - LNK Multidose C4314 0
Zoetis - LNK Multidose Security C4315 0
Zoetis Replace Synovex Outdoor PTZ C4283 100
Zoetis Security Equipment Improvements C3906 100
Zoetis Small Volume Filling Area Card Readers C4007 100
Zoetis West Holdrege Security Upgrade C4208 100
Zoetis- C-19LN-034 Replace Fridge C4352 0
Zoetis-2018 Energy Valves C4200 97
Zoetis-AHU7088 Dehumidification C4246 100
Zoetis-LNK MD Fill & Lyos-Security C4212 30