Open Projects

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41013020 0
50109002 0
C3048 0
40917008 0
Advent Health Ottawa Hugs Add C4433 100
Agility Fujitsu CU-20 Repair QU-482 0
Agility Mathis RTU Fall Service 9-2019 QU-485 0
Agility RTU 5 Replace 1 Comp C4505 0
Agility Spring Service Office Units 1-8 C4581 0
Agility Spring Service RTU 1-9 C4582 0
Agility W Mathis Break Room Furnace Repair QU-503 0
Agility W Mathis RTU 1 Repairs C4416 0
Agility W Mathis Spring Service 2-2020 QU-537 0
Alivation Building Advisor Onboarding C4478 0
Alivation Upgrade to Ecostruxture C4477 90
Aurora Coop 3.0 Upgrade C4443 0
Bellevue Medical Center Cath Lab Sitter Camera QU-545 30
Bellevue Medical NukeMed Patient Camera QU-536 30
Bellevue University EBS Bldg. Chiller Controls 202 C4578 0
Bellevue University Royal Oaks Dorms Mag Locks C4584 30
Bryan Medical Center Hugs Update 5th Flr Floorplan QU-525 100
Celerion Replace Relief Damp Act North & South AHU QU-461 0
Celerion Replace West VAV Box Controls Lunch Rm QU-460 0
Century Link 30th Fowler AHU Replacement C4519 92
Century Link DPC Valve Replacement C4533 0
CNH Miller Restroom Remodel EF APR 2019 QU-437 0
CNH Plant EF VFD Replacement QU-468 0
CNH Relocate North Doors QU-544 0
CNH RO Pump Rebuild QU-546 0
College of St Mary Fieldhouse and Lied Fitness C4585 0
Community Corrections - FCU Replacement C4435 95
Control Services Eco Struxure Upgrade C4560 30
Creighton University 3.0 EcoStruxure C4536 5
Creighton University Criss 2 & 3 La Update C4563 0
CU - Mike and Josie Harper Center Phase 2 C4586 41
CU Davis Cafe Remodel C4499 100
Cu Jesuits RTU C4512 50
CU McGloin Valve Replacement QU-539 0
CU Swanson Hall AHU-2 QU-529 0
CU The Ruth 3rd Party Interfaces C4464 51
CU-ConAgra Plaza Valves C4449 0
Dodge County Judicial HP Programming Labor QU-448 0
Down Time C0003 0
Eddie Bauer Gateway Replace Transducer QU-514 0
Fidelity November 2019 Sensor Calibration QU-487 0
Fidelity Power Analytics Workstation and Sensors QU-524 0
Fidelity V423 LCD Monitor QU-445 0
First Lutheran Church Lincoln C4413 75
FNBP EcoStruxure Upgrade C4470 0
Ford Center Humidifier Replacement QU-507 0
Fort Worth Zoo Elephant Springs C4181 0
Fremont Beef Meat Grinder Cameras C4523 90
GI VAMC dP Calibration QU-462 0
GIPS Memorial Stadium C4400 83
Great Plains Comm McCook Electronic Security_v2 C4575 30
Great Plains Communications Herman Telecom CR QU-478 85
Gretna HS Addition and Renovation C4576 0
Gretna Public Schools-New Elementary School #6 C4235 10
GSK AHU 3A Control Valve Conversion OCT 2018 QU-417 100
GSK Andover BMS Network DEC 2018 C4236 0
GSK APC Labor QU-534 0
GSK Chiller Flowmeters C4600 0
GSK Chiller Room BMS Programming C4258 100
GSK CW Pump VFD QU-477 0
GSK DHW Re circulation C4568 0
GSK Oxygen Well Sensor C4468 90
Holiday C0006 0
Holland Automation and Mechanical Training C4225 0
Huntel Hawkins Security V2 All CRs C4504 40
KVC Phase 1 C4547 20
Li Cor B1 Add 2 CRS C4520 100
Li Cor B3 Generator Addition C4498 0
Li Cor B3 Steam Generator QU-531 0
Li Cor Lab Monitoring C4509 10
Li Cor Stabilizers C4454 92
Li-Cor B3 Nitrogen Control C4587 0
Lied Lodge Conference FPB C4554 0
Lied Lodge FCU Replacement C4565 0
Lifegate Church W Dodge Phase 2 Security C4165 60
Lifegate WD Add Cameras V2 C4516 80
Lifegate West Dodge Move Camera QU-501 85
Lincoln Plastics SW RTU Repairs QU-447 0
Lincoln Public School Elliott Elementary AHU Rebid C4531 0
LPS District Office Data Center C4596 0
LPS Lux Scott Saratoga Gym AC C4455 90
MACC - StruxureWare Upgrade 2019 C4590 0
Menorah Med Upgrade Hugs Workstations and Server QU-505 0
Merck Bldg 6 Renovation C4508 0
Merck Bldg 8 Fuel Storage QU-521 0
Merck-Poultry Building 40 C4156 100
Methodist Hosp CR for inside the Morgue and Cafete C4238 70
Metro Community collage Culinary Arts X1230a
Midland U Miller Hall VE C4445 45
Midland University Benton Hall CW Upgrade C4567 100
Midwest Surgical Hospital - Short Stay Addition C4522 0
Mutual of Omaha 4th Floor Renovation QU-520 0
Myrtue Med - North Entrance and 2nd Floor C4594 0
NE Masonic Home _Replace Break room Covert Camera QU-543 100
NE Masonic Home Card Reader Access & Cameras FinV2 C4336 70
NE State Hist HQ Float Switch Replacement QU-466 0
NE State History HQ AHU 1 Add 2nd Damper Actuator QU-515 0
Neb State Capitol HVAC Replacement Phase A B & 1 C4116 99
Nebraska Masonic Home Sump Pump Float Switch QU-454 0
Nebraska Medicine DOC Inside 2 Elevators Cab Card C4425 0
Nebraska State Capitol HVAC Phase 2 C4574 0
NIC Food Storage FCU QU-491 0
NIC Wood and Metal Shop 2 CRs C4488 100
NMC Clarkson Tower Elevator Penthouse CRs C4393 100
NMC HLC 18352 CR QU-495 30
NMC Troubleshoot Exhaust Fan Problems 40707004 100
No Job Number C0002 0
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions HVAC C4288 10
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions LSC C4287 10
OHDZ - Mid Valley Project C4599 0
OHDZ Aquarium Facade Remodel C4431 94
Omaha Steaks VFD Replacement C4530 0
Omaha World Herald Controls Update C4561 0
Omaha World Herald NICO 14th HE Legal Improvements C4527 51
Omaha World Herald North Parking Lot Cameras C4105 30
OPRMC Upgrade Hugs Workstations and Server QU-506 0
Ortho Nebraska Add CRs to Suite 120 C4592 0
Ortho Nebraska Card Access Addition C4569 30
PetIQ Replacement V2 C4467 75
PLV Prairie Queen Connect Door QU-457 100
Project Oscar 1.0 Rooftop Patio C4571 0
Prokarma Central Park Plaza C4556 51
SAC Museum C4251 100
Sac Museum Boiler Replacement C4544 61
Sales C0005 0
Schering Plough Bld 16 AHU X3761 0
Schering Plough Bld 22 AHU X3760 0
Schneider Electric AHU 3 -1 Replacement C4517 100
Schneider Electric Lincoln Plant Cameras C4489 100
Schneider Electric Make Up Units C4495 100
Scott Residence Heat Wheel VFD Replacement AHU #1 QU-484 0
Sick C0001 0
Smith field Camera Upgrade C4562 30
Smithfield Gate Card Reader C4529 100
St Wenceslaus New Church C4014 0
St. Columbkille Multipurpose Addition Security V3 C4557 0
TD Ameritrade Irrigation Pump VFD QU-449 0
Tetrad NIC Fiber Hotel Camera 2020 QU-541 30
Training C0004 0
TSCI CSI N3 Addition C4485 0
Ty Test 999999 81
Union Pacific Centre and Harriman BMS Rev2 C4552 0
UNMC DOC UT1 Cath Lab Aiphones V2 C4573 100
UPRR KDC AHU 1-6 Upgrades QU-522 0
UPRR KDC Dampers C4589 0
UPRR KDC Pep Filter System Integration C4588 0
UPRR KDC Sump Level Sensor QU-452 0
USPS 4730 S 24 St. Refrigeration System Repairs Phase 1 QU-474 0
Vacation C0000 0
VAMC AC Plant Controller Diagnostics C4542 0
VAMC Boiler House Head Pressure Parts QU-526 0
VAMC BSL3 Upgrade C4595 0
VAMC Hard Drive QU-535 0
VAMC HVAC Corrections 8th Floor Gastro C4473 0
VAMC ICU Pressure Sensor QU-542 0
VAMC Parking Garage C4579 0
VAMC Pharmacy Chiller Replacement C4543 82
VAMC RTU-1 Front Entry QU-512 0
VAMC SPS Scope Processing Area C4339 85
VAMC-Ambulatory Care Center C4090 90
VAMC-EcoStruxure Upgrade C4133 100
Verizon Wireless 1620 M st Controls Upgrade C4502 100
Vishay Controls Upgrade C4591 0
Wesley Med 6th floor Ped System Expansion 2020 C4593 30
Windstream Pneu Comp Rebuild C4500 0
World Herald Sensor Install 8th Floor QU-532 0
Zoetis - LNK Multidose C4314 15
Zoetis - LNK Multidose Security C4315 0
Zoetis - WFI Skid C4597 0
Zoetis Add CRs C4511 100
Zoetis CU Plant Sequencing C4577 0
Zoetis Replace Synovex Outdoor PTZ C4283 100
Zoetis Security Equipment Improvements C3906 100
Zoetis Small Volume Filling Area Card Readers C4007 100
Zoetis-Multi Dose-CR Warehouse Gate & Cage Changes C4212 100