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C3048 0
41013020 0
50109002 0
40917008 0
Agility Fall Service 5- ton RTU 1-6 C3856 31
Agility Fall Service RTU 1-8 Mathis Bldg C3854 26
Agility RTU 9 Replace Comp & Ref Repairs C3855 8
Albuquerque Biopark Otter Exhibit C3647 11
Albuquerque LAN Upgrade C3831 0
Albuquerque Penguin Chill Habitat C3664 0
AMN Healthcare-Avantas 3rd Floor Security C3734 100
Aspen Creek Elementary-Jace Controller Istallation QU-182 0
Bellevue Medical Ctr 4th Floor Sitter Cameras C3680 100
Bellevue Univ - StruxureWare Riley Science Upgrade QU-165 0
Bellevue Univ Rotert Ofc Bldg Fire Monitoring Test QU-150 0
Bellevue University Betz Dorms Deadbolt Locks C3859 0
Bellevue University Durham Admin Controls Upgrade C3786 0
Bergan Program and Test New Maglocks on 4th Flr QU-109 0
Blair Comm Schools Mechanical Equip Upgrade C3748 73
Central Park Plaza Continuum Upgrade C3853 11
Century Link-Sioux City Chiller Upgrade C97085 C3735 0
Cherry County Hospital Hugs Expansion C3532 0
CHI Bergan 4 East Hugs Trauma Elevator Tie In QU-172 85
City of Ralston Police Department Cameras C3808 71
CNH E Coat Electrical Gear Housing Pressurization C3824 14
CNH Front Office MiniSplit Sep 2017 C3848 19
CNH Press Brake and Spot Welder Monitoring C3715 17
Core Bank C3780 0
Creighton-Metering Ph 3 C3713 35
Creighton-Old Gym 2nd Floor Remodel C3726 100
Creighton-Old Gym AHU 3,4, & 5 C3820 0
CU Law School Phase 3 C3730 100
CU Public Safety BACnet C3760 90
CU-Brandeis DH Renovation C3828 5
Desoto-Visitor Center Building Chiller Replacement C3839 0
Down Time C0003 0
Eppley Airfield Parking Garage Expansion C3608 0
Fidelity CenterCore 2 Breaker Calculations C3851 0
Fidelity Hydrogen Sensors Replcmnt and Calibration QU-107 9
First Nat Bank North Platte Fluid Cooler Replaceme C3791 75
First National Bank Tower 38th Floor C3775 98
FNBT 38th Flr SE Conference Rm 2nd VAV Box QU-178 70
Fort Worth Zoo Serengeti C3604 80
Fremont Beef Co. Add Card Reader QU-124 100
Fremont YMCA-Sid and Hazel Dillon Fly Aquatics Ctr C3499 25
Gateway Mall-Dicks Sporting Goods C3764 94
GIPS-Barr Middle School HVAC Control System C3199 92
Great Plains Comm Alrm Panel Upgr 3 installs C3663 90
Great Plains Comm. Security for Fremont Fiber Hut C3860 0
Great Plains Communications Camera Upgrade C3747 100
Great Plains Security for 3 Omaha Fiber Huts C3830 30
Green Plains-2nd Floor Tenant Improvement C3774 0
GSK Andover Controller Upgrade September 2017 C3847 0
GSK Central Utilities Chiller 2 Replacement C3804 80
GSK Continuum Workstation Upgrade C3545 6
GSK Server Virtulization C3546 0
GSK Waste Management AHU 21 Replacement C3838 0
GSK Workstation Replacement C3607 11
GSK-WWTP Renovation April 2017 C3800 0
Holiday C0006 0
IWCC-Football & Wrestling C3398 94
IWCC-Wellness Building C3769 0
Jefferson Comm Health Ctr-Chilled Water System C3759 65
Johnson County Hospital Surgery C3705 75
Kutak Rock Upgrade Camera System C3829 70
Little Flower Childcare Center C3844 30
Lone Mtn Abbot Dr Alarm and Card Access Add C3799 100
LPS-Belmont Elementary IAQ Project C3701 40
LPS-Lincoln High/Lincoln Northeast ITE Project C3686 100
LPS-Randolph Elementary Addition and Renovation C3360 97
Lyman Richey Industrial Rd Warehouse Alarm System C3832 30
Menorah Medical Hugs System Changes for Flex Rooms C3837 30
Merck Bldg 7 O2 Sensor Installation C3619 0
Methodist Hosp Existing 3rd Flr NICU Actuator repl C3836 100
Methodist Women Hospital AS-P Rev Upgrade QU-170 0
Metro Community collage Culinary Arts X1230a
Michael Foods-Wakefield NE-Grower 1 Shower Addi C3835 0
Mid America Center Humidity Sensor QU-147 21
Midwest Labs Podebo Remodel C3612 100
Midwest Surgical StruxureWare Upgrade C3857 0
Mills County Engineering Building C3812 100
MindWare A Division of OTC Replace 4 Cameras QU-169 75
Mutual Bldg 3 1st Flr Server Room CRAC Relocation C3821 0
Mutual South Site 6th Floor Office Additions QU-179 90
Mutual South Site Floor 6 & 7 Electric Heat C3823 50
Myrtue-HVAC Upgrades C3644 95
Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue Intercom C3524 100
NIC Biotech Connector Access Control QU-60 100
NIC Childrens Clinic C3728 90
NIC The Mill Restaurant HVAC C3699 100
NIC-Biotech Connector C3592 100
NIC-Bolero HVAC C3698 100
NIC-IAS Expansion HVAC C3826 0
NIC-IAS Expansion-Security C3825 100
NIC-Managed Care of North America C3819 0
NMC 3rd Floor and ICU Sitter Cameras C3709 100
NMC 4th Flr UT Womens Ctr Phase 4 CRs and Cameras C3427 90
NMC Cancer Center Add 14 CRs to Clean Med Rooms C3749 100
NMC Clarkson College 4th Flr Serv Rm CR and Camera C3807 75
NMC ER Expansion Add 3 Card Readers C3618 100
NMC MSB 3598C Card Reader QU-156 100
NMC Munroe Meyer wire 2 AEDs QU-175 100
NMC Replace Intercom at Clarkson Daycare C3801 30
NMC Sterile Processing Plant CRs C3765 70
NMC Troubleshoot Exhaust Fan Problems 40707004 100
NMC-Secur 2 CRs and Alrm Sys for 86th and Giles C3666 100
NMC-Security 2 CRs and Alarm Sys for Chalco Clinic C3752 100
No Job Number C0002 0
NOH Install 3 New Alarm Panels with Panic Alarms C3776 30
NOH Radiology Department add 3 CRs C3779 70
OCC Relocate Panel C3727 0
OHDZ-Asian Highlands C3840 0
Omaha World Herald 2nd Floor Fitness Center C3813 86
Omaha Zoo Education Building T & B C3845 0
OTC Fremont Replace 2 Outdoor Cameras QU-177 30
OTC PTZ Camera for I St Gate Entrance C3850 30
Oxbow Animal Health C3703 80
Oxbow Animal Health C3548 100
PAPLV New Middle School C3062 100
PLV Schools-South HS Weather Repairs July 2017 C3785 80
Reality Church Addition Security C3843 30
Sales C0005 0
Schering Plough Bld 16 AHU X3761 0
Schering Plough Bld 22 AHU X3760 0
Schneider Electric-AHU Upgrade 2017 C3822 10
Schneider Electric-AHU Upgrade AHU 3-1 & 5 C3849 0
Schneider Electric-Chiller 1 Control C3834 0
Schneider Electric-SR Temp and Humidity Lights C3833 0
Scott Conference Center - Front Addition C3846 0
Sick C0001 0
Spec Pro Alarm System for New Building QU-146 30
Sprint Omaha WLN-Generator Upgrades C3778 50
St John the Baptist Ctr Mechanical Sys Upgrade C3784 79
St Wenceslaus School AC Replacement C3852 0
St. Gregory The Great-Dormitory Expansion C3510 75
TD Ameritrade 1st Floor Training Room C3787 100
Tecumseh Boiler Replacement C3503 94
Tetrad Corporation-Fortigen Security C3729 75
Tetrad Prop Group - Children Hospital TI Main Door QU-143 95
Tetrad Property Group Card Reader 304 QU-83 100
Tetrad Property Group Card Reader 311 QU-82 100
Training C0004 0
UNL SAPP Rec Center Alvarado Turnstiles C3751 100
UNMC Central Utility Plant 2 Card Readers C3858 0
UNMC CRs for 3 Elevators C3802 100
UNMC Poynter 2 Panic Alarms in Rm 4016 & 4019 QU-185 0
UNMC Wittsson Hall Card Reader for Door 2010 QU-186 0
UNO Allwine Hall - Pre Health Suite 306-307 QU-159 0
UNO Pacific Campus Student Housing C3489 100
UNO-Strauss Performing Arts Center C3771 0
UPRR SDC 8949 Sorenson Parkway C3679 99
USPS Lincoln Cooling Tower Controls C3755 5
Vacation C0000 0
VAMC AHU1 Sensors - X-Ray QU-183 0
VAMC ER RTU Controller QU-184 0
VAMC MRI Waiting Room QU-188 0
Village Point II Rplc Outside Analog Camera w/ IP QU-151 100
Yahoo Andover Decommissioning C3716 0
Zoetis - B415 Cage Freezer QU-173 0
Zoetis - Bldg 1 - FZ0244 in B271 QU-171 0
Zoetis - Room B200 Freezer Monitoring QU-153 0
Zoetis Green Locked Indicator light for Cage C1222 QU-81 100
Zoetis Lyo Mech Unit 6 Room C642 CR C3743 100
Zoetis Room B271 Freezer Monitoring QU-152 0
Zoetis-AHU7048 Pneumatic to Andover C3773 0
Zoetis-B1140 Master Seed Freezers C3818 0
Zoetis-Bldg 1 Freezers 2017 C3724 80
Zoetis-Bldg 2 Energy Valves C3770 0
Zoetis-Bldg 2 VFD C3746 20
Zoetis-In Vitro Testing Lab Expansion C3841 0
Zoetis-Knolls Demo C3750 100