Open Projects

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50109002 0
C3048 0
41013020 0
40917008 0
Advent Health Ottawa Hugs Add C4433 30
Agility Fujitsu CU-20 Repair QU-482 0
Agility Mathis RTU Fall Service 9-2019 QU-485 0
Agility RTU 5 Replace 1 Comp C4505 0
Agility W Mathis Break Room Furnace Repair QU-503 0
Agility W Mathis RTU 1 Repairs C4416 0
Alivation Building Advisor Onboarding C4478 0
Alivation HX Pump C4501 0
Alivation Upgrade to Ecostruxture C4477 0
Aurora Coop 3.0 Upgrade C4443 0
Celerion Replace Relief Damp Act North & South AHU QU-461 0
Celerion Replace West VAV Box Controls Lunch Rm QU-460 0
Celerion Smoke Lab Upgrade C4348 25
Central Park Plaza C4551 25
Century Link 30th Fowler AHU Replacement C4519 0
Century Link DPC Valve Replacement C4533 0
Clarkson Coll Wireless Panic Btn Resi Coord. Ofc QU-439 100
Clarkson College 3rd Floor CR and Door Contact QU-431 100
Clarkson College 4th Floor Security Quote C4385 100
CNH Miller Restroom Remodel EF APR 2019 QU-437 0
CNH Plant EF VFD Replacement QU-468 0
College of St Mary AHU1 Ebtron Replacement QU-523 0
Community Corrections - FCU Replacement C4435 15
Control Services Eco Struxure Upgrade C4560 0
Creighton University 3.0 EcoStruxure C4536 0
Creighton University Criss 2 & 3 La Update C4563 0
Creighton University Markoe Hall BMS Upgrades C4559 25
CU - St. John Church Meter Changes QU-261 90
CU Davis Cafe Remodel C4499 95
Cu Jesuits RTU C4512 50
CU The Ruth 3rd Party Interfaces C4464 51
CU- McGloin Upgrade C4362 100
CU-ConAgra Plaza Valves C4449 0
CU-Mike and Josie Harper Center (PH1) C4484 95
Dodge County Judicial HP Programming Labor QU-448 0
Down Time C0003 0
E & A SX Web Based Card Access System C4503 100
Eddie Bauer Gateway Replace Transducer QU-514 0
Fideility CAHU-3 Pressurization Controls C4434 0
Fidelity November 2019 Sensor Calibration QU-487 0
Fidelity V423 LCD Monitor QU-445 0
Fidelity Windows 10 Upgrade C4546 0
First Lutheran Church Lincoln C4413 75
FNBP EcoStruxure Upgrade C4470 0
Ford Center Humidifier Replacement QU-507 0
Fort Worth Zoo Elephant Springs C4181 0
Fremont Beef Meat Grinder Cameras C4523 60
GI VAMC dP Calibration QU-462 0
GIPS Memorial Stadium C4400 0
Great Plains Communications Herman Telecom CR QU-478 85
Gretna Public Schools-New Elementary School #6 C4235 0
GSK AHU 3A Control Valve Conversion OCT 2018 QU-417 100
GSK Andover BMS Network DEC 2018 C4236 0
GSK Chiller Room BMS Programming C4258 100
GSK CW Pump VFD QU-477 0
GSK Oxygen Well Sensor C4468 0
Holiday C0006 0
Holland Automation and Mechanical Training C4225 0
Huntel Hawkins Security V2 All CRs C4504 30
Johnson County BMS Upgrades C4539 0
Johnson County BMS Windows 10 Migration QU-519 0
KVC Phase 1 C4547 0
Li Cor B1 Add 2 CRS C4520 85
Li Cor B3 Generator Addition C4498 0
Li Cor Inside Gate Card Reader C4493 30
Li Cor Lab Monitoring C4509 10
Li Cor Stabilizers C4454 85
Lied Lodge Conference FPB C4554 0
Lied Lodge P12 12A VFDs C4553 0
Lifegate Church W Dodge Phase 2 Security C4165 60
Lifegate WD Add Cameras V2 C4516 80
Lifegate West Dodge Move Camera QU-501 85
Lincoln Plastics SW RTU Repairs QU-447 0
Lincoln Public School Elliott Elementary AHU Rebid C4531 0
LPS Lux Scott Saratoga Gym AC C4455 52
LPS-Lincoln Childrens Zoo Expansion Project C3938 100
Menorah Med Upgrade Hugs Workstations and Server QU-505 0
Merck Bldg 3 AHU C4545 0
Merck Bldg 6 Renovation C4508 0
Merck Bldg 8 Fuel Storage QU-521 0
Merck-Poultry Building 40 C4156 80
Methodist Hosp CR for inside the Morgue and Cafete C4238 70
Metro Community collage Culinary Arts X1230a
Midland U Miller Hall VE C4445 14
Midwest Surgical Hospital - Short Stay Addition C4522 0
Montgomery County Hospital AHU 3 Pneumatics Replac C4518 0
Mutual of Omaha 4th Floor Renovation QU-520 0
NE Masonic Home Card Reader Access & Cameras FinV2 C4336 70
NE State Hist HQ Float Switch Replacement QU-466 0
NE State History HQ AHU 1 Add 2nd Damper Actuator QU-515 0
Neb State Capitol HVAC Replacement Phase A B & 1 C4116 94
Nebraska Masonic Home Sump Pump Float Switch QU-454 0
Nebraska Medicine DOC Inside 2 Elevators Cab Card C4425 0
NIC EPSCor Build Out C4507 61
NIC Food Storage FCU QU-491 0
NIC Wood and Metal Shop 2 CRs C4488 100
NMC CDS Level 7 Add Panic Button QU-511 100
NMC Clarkson College 5th Flr Add Card Reader QU-517 100
NMC Clarkson Tower Elevator Penthouse CRs C4393 30
NMC CT 6th Floor Sitter Cameras C4481 85
NMC Dialysis Operator Integration QU-518 30
NMC HLC 18352 CR QU-495 30
NMC LTC 12th Floor Lab CR's C4548 0
NMC Troubleshoot Exhaust Fan Problems 40707004 100
No Job Number C0002 0
Offutt MEOC C4407 100
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions HVAC C4288 6
OHDZ - Coastal Sea Lions LSC C4287 0
OHDZ Aquarium Facade Remodel C4431 79
Omaha South Post Office Chiller C4510 0
Omaha Steaks VFD Replacement C4530 0
Omaha World Herald Controls Update C4561 0
Omaha World Herald NICO 14th HE Legal Improvements C4527 51
Omaha World Herald North Parking Lot Cameras C4105 30
OPRMC Upgrade Hugs Workstations and Server QU-506 0
Ortho Nebraska Add CRs to Admin Office C4524 100
PetIQ Replacement V2 C4467 75
Pius X - AHU 4 Upgrades QU-504 0
PLV Prairie Queen Connect Door QU-457 100
Prokarma Central Park Plaza C4556 0
SAC Museum C4251 100
SAC Museum AHU Repair C4521 0
Sac Museum Boiler Replacement C4544 0
SAC Museum Heating Coil Replacement C4474 0
Sales C0005 0
Schering Plough Bld 16 AHU X3761 0
Schering Plough Bld 22 AHU X3760 0
Schneider Electric AHU 3 -1 Replacement C4517 0
Schneider Electric Chiller Status Lights C4496 0
Schneider Electric Lincoln Plant Cameras C4489 85
Schneider Electric Make Up Units C4495 0
Schneider Electric VAV Boxes IT Room Cooling C4494 70
Scott Residence Heat Wheel VFD Replacement AHU #1 QU-484 0
Serenity Dental DMP Alarm and Card Access C4486 96
Sick C0001 0
Smith field Camera Upgrade C4562 0
Smithfield Gate Card Reader C4529 75
St Wenceslaus New Church C4014 0
St. Columbkille Multipurpose Addition Security V3 C4557 0
TD Ameritrade Irrigation Pump VFD QU-449 0
Tetrad NIC Add 3 Doors C4549 40
The Arboretum Renovation C4214 90
Training C0004 0
TSCI CSI N3 Addition C4485 0
Ty Test 999999 81
Ultra Beauty 264 C4513 0
Union Pacific Centre and Harriman BMS Rev2 C4552 0
Union Pacific KDC Storm Drain Leak Detection Rev1 C4558 0
UNMC DOC 4605C 4 Panic Buttons QU-492 100
UNMC DOC UT Cath Lab Cameras C4420 100
UNMC DOC/UT 1st Floor Cath Lab 25 CRs C4355 100
UPRR KDC AHU 1-6 Upgrades QU-522 0
UPRR KDC Sump Level Sensor QU-452 0
USPS 4730 S 24 St. Refrigeration System Repairs Phase 1 QU-474 0
USPS IA17473 Sergeant Bluffs RTU Replct C4525 0
Vacation C0000 0
VAMC AC Plant Controller Diagnostics C4542 0
VAMC HVAC Corrections 8th Floor Gastro C4473 0
VAMC Pharmacy Chiller Replacement C4543 0
VAMC RTU-1 Front Entry QU-512 0
VAMC SPS Scope Processing Area C4339 50
VAMC-Ambulatory Care Center C4090 70
VAMC-EcoStruxure Upgrade C4133 0
Verizon Wireless 1620 M st Controls Upgrade C4502 100
Windstream 49th & Walker Relocate Controls C4457 0
Windstream Pneu Comp Rebuild C4500 0
Zoetis - LNK Multidose C4314 2
Zoetis - LNK Multidose Security C4315 0
Zoetis Add CRs C4511 50
Zoetis IR for Cameras for WH Farm C4532 100
Zoetis Replace Synovex Outdoor PTZ C4283 100
Zoetis Security Equipment Improvements C3906 100
Zoetis Small Volume Filling Area Card Readers C4007 100
Zoetis-Multi Dose-CR Warehouse Gate & Cage Changes C4212 100